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 Let’s Talk Series

Dive into meaningful conversations with the Let’s Talk Series, bridging understanding and resilience in youth through modules that shine a light on suicide, nurture mental well-being, break the silence on stigma, and navigate boundaries for healthy relationships.


The “Let’s Shine A Light on Suicide” module aims to raise awareness among youth, destigmatize mental health issues, and foster resilience and support networks. Participants will develop skills to identify risk factors, recognize warning signs, and provide immediate support, promoting open communication about mental health. The module empowers individuals to advocate for change, collaborate with communities, and contribute to a comprehensive network addressing youth mental health and suicide-related issues.

MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS (Nurturing Your Mind and Well-being):

This module is dedicated to promoting mental wellness and self-care among youth. It focuses on reducing mental health stigma, empowering individuals with coping strategies, and fostering peer support. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of mental health, develop coping skills, and learn to advocate for improved mental health support in their communities.

BREAKING THE SILENCE (Understanding and Combating Suicide Stigma):

Addressing the sensitive issue of suicide, this module aims to reduce stigma, raise awareness, and promote empathy. Participants will develop essential skills to provide support to peers facing mental health challenges, recognize and combat suicide stigma, and encourage help-seeking behaviors. The course also emphasizes advocacy, community engagement, and the cultural sensitivity required to tackle suicide-related issues.


Focusing on fostering healthy relationships, this module emphasizes the importance of respect, consent, and communication. It equips youth with the knowledge to prevent harm in relationships, address power dynamics, and promote inclusivity. Participants will learn to recognize red flags in unhealthy relationships, enhance communication skills, and challenge stereotypes, ultimately empowering them to make informed decisions and engage in respectful relationships.

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