Crisis Intervention Response Team (CIRT)

The Crisis Intervention Resource Team staff will provide person centered, trauma informed support to Mental Health crisis calls within the community.

Crisis intervention
The CIRT staff will support the client to intervene in and subsequently reduce crisis including, but not limited to support with de-escalations and interventions within the community. This would reduce the impact of trauma, suicide ideation, de-escalate before force or weapons are involved, and model the de-escalation process to the clients and community thereby creating capacity.

Connection to resources
The CIRT staff would communicate with the Youth and Adult Navigators to collaborate should the client already be on the Navigators case load, or should they require being on the caseload. 

Interagency Participation/ Collaboration
The CIRT staff will participate in interagency meetings. Through triaging and navigating, the CIRT staff will appropriately create dialogue with service providers and provide the overarching case management. This will reduce pressure on other resources (mental health, RCMP), allowing for cohesive responses to prevention and intervention to occur.

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